My name is Keisha Mayo, author of the page turner non fiction book “Deceived” which was written at a time in my life as therapy for situations that occurred. I  grew up in the Bronx, New York.  I was raised in the church all my life.  During that time is when I thought I met the man of my dreams at the tender age of thirteen.  When I got older I realized things didn’t seem like they did when I was younger. Things in my life began to unravel and shocking stories began to unfold.  Rather than stay in my state of depression, shame and isolation, I decided to use my strength and beliefs to help others overcome deception.  So, I wrote a book, play and a movie as an outlet to let people know that there is hope before the grave. During the process of releasing the book, I was inspired with the help of God to start my own publishing company which is called Keiworks828 Publishing. Because of the knowledge learned in the process of my book, I am encouraged to help others. Though my publishing company, my future plans are to broadening my horizons  by making myself available to anyone who has the desire to publish their work.