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Red Leaves


Get ready for another roller coaster ride with MISERY – When Your Misery Becomes Your Ministry!  Misery is the True-To-Life story of Keisha Mayo and how she overcame being blackballed, retaliated against and harassed.  This book is about a person who went to The Department of Correction to better her life and become an Investigator.  It took one incident with her brother to turn her life upside down within the department because she would not take a charge for someone else.  This book is written for those that are ostracized, rejected, harassed and retaliated against in the workplace.  Everything that she went through taught her that she's stronger than she thinks.  It also taught her to stand up and fight! 




Keisha Mayo is the author of the page-turner, non-fiction book “Deceived” which was written at a time in her life as therapy for situations that occurred. She grew up in the Bronx, New York.  She was raised in the church all her life.  During that time is when she thought she met the man of her dreams at the tender age of thirteen.  When she got older she realized things didn’t seem like they did when she was younger. Things in her life began to unravel and shocking stories began to unfold.  Rather than stay in a state of depression, shame and isolation, she decided to use her strength and beliefs to help others overcome deception.  So, she wrote a book, play, and a movie as an outlet to let people know that there is hope before the grave. During the process of releasing the book, she was inspired with the help of God to start her own publishing company which is called Keiworks828 Publishing. Because of the knowledge learned in the process of her book, I am encouraged to help others. Through her publishing company, her future plans are to broaden her horizons by making myself available to anyone who has the desire to publish their work.

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